Don’t Neglect Your Car Battery


What’s the most important component on your automobile? Is it the motor, your infotainment system, or the tires? While you can make a strong case for many components being the most important, you don’t need to make a case for the importance of your car’s battery. Without your battery, your engine won’t start. Without a working battery, you don’t have to worry about using your infotainment system, power locks or windows, or your windshield wipers.

The importance of your car’s battery pretty much speaks for itself when you think about everything it provides power for. Given everything your battery supports, it’s vital for you to tend to your battery. It doesn’t matter if you drive one of our 2018 Honda models or an older vehicle. Caring for your vehicle’s battery should always be a top priority when it comes to maintaining your automobile.

One way you can care for your battery is to avoid idling for extended periods of time when you can. Idling strains your battery, but there are times when idling can’t be avoided, such as when you’re stuck in traffic. If you’re forced to idle, turn off as many electronic features as you can. Turning off your car’s electronics when you idle will expose your battery to less wear and tear.

You should also look over your battery to see if it has corrosion on it. If it does, you’ll need to clean it off. You need to test your battery often as well, something that’s essential if your battery is three-years-old or older. If you don’t know how to clean corrosion or test your battery, make an appointment to bring your vehicle into the service center at our Honda dealership near Scranton, PA so our factory-trained technicians can do these things for you.

If you’d like more advice about caring for your automobile’s battery, we invite you to visit MotorWorld Honda today.

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