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With gas prices continuing to squeeze us all, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about gas mileage. Here, our Honda service center debunks five common myths.

Starting Wastes More Gas Than Idling 

We bet at one point or another you decided to idle instead of turning the engine off, thinking you’d be saving gas. This just isn’t true. Whenever you sit with the engine on, you’re wasting fuel.  

Putting a Car in Neutral Saves Gas 

Similar to the idling myth, many drivers think that if you put your car in neutral when stopped – like at a red light, for example – you’ll use less gas. The truth is that fuel injectors shut off when you ease off the accelerator, so putting your car in neutral won’t do anything. 

You Should Buy Gas in the Morning 

This myth stems from the fact that cooler gas is denser. However, this has no bearing, because it goes from an underground storage tank directly into your gas tank. This means that it doesn’t matter when you get your gas.  

Premium Gas Will Give You Better Fuel Economy 

If you use premium gas in a car that doesn’t need it, guess what? It won’t improve your gas mileage at all. You’ll just end up spending more money on gas, which completely defeats the purpose.  

You Shouldn’t Drive with Your Windows Down 

With temperatures in Wilkes Barre rising, this is one myth you definitely don’t want to believe. There is no evidence that driving with your windows down hurts your fuel economy. If you do keep them up to put on the AC, on the other hand, this will affect your gas mileage.  

Something that can improve your fuel economy is regular maintenance, including oil changes. If your car is due, you can make an appointment with the service center at MotorWorld Honda.  

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